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About Real Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs, Inc. is a small corporation started in 1982. We have expanded over the years by focusing on the customer as a friend and providing them with service that is unmatched anywhere. We take what we do very seriously and will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. In 2004 we started as a division of Traffic Signs, Inc. in order to serve our e-customers. We are pleased that you have selected us and hope that we can serve you again and again in the future. Thank You!

Why Buy From Us?

  1. As our name indicates we sell only REAL traffic signs. By that, it means that our signs are made as those seen on the road ways. Our signs are made to the following specifications:We have been in the traffic safety business since 1982 and have a solid reputation.
    • 0.08 inches thick aluminum. Anything thinner can be bent, vandalized and stolen easily. Because our signs are made of aluminum they will not rust. Cheaper signs made of steel will rust. Our signs are NOT plastic. Plastic is cheap and will quickly deteriorate.
    • Reflectivity. This means that our signs are visible by car lights at night or bad weather. Signs are Type I Engineer Grade (good reflectivity), Type III, IV High Intensity (very good reflectivity), Type VII (great reflectivity) or Type XI (the greatest reflectivity offered). Please be aware that some companies sell signs that are painted or baked enamel, etc. These signs are not reflective and can make you liable in the event of an accident.
  2. Every effort will be made to ship your order in 2 (two) business days.
  3. We are a small family run corporation. We focus on the special attention that only a small business can provide. We are professional and courteous. You will never be just a number to us. Thank You!